Nantong Xingchen Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd. Ruicheng Branch
Nantong Xingchen Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd. Ruicheng Branch, Ruicheng Subsidiary, was established on April 13, 2006. Originally the Ruicheng Forster Chemicals Co., Ltd., its history of innovation dates back to 1973. The company is in the south end of Shanxi province in Ruicheng county at the bordering of Shaanxi, Shanxi and Henan. It covers an area of 98,025 square meters and employs 260 people. The company is mainly engaged in research, development, production and marketing of the intermediate chemical raw materials including plastics, medicine and spices. It currently boasts a production line of 10000 t/y polyphenyl ether, filling the domestic gap, a production line of 3000 t/y polyphenol, and the production technologies and processes of four polyphenol products (2,3,6 trimethyl phenol, 2,3,5 trimethyl phenol, 2,6 dimethyl phenol and 2,4 dimethyl phenol). Two products boast proprietary intellectual property rights and one was listed as the high-tech product of Shanxi province. The company has the rights of self operation, import and export as a high-tech enterprise of Shanxi. It is one of the key industrial enterprises of the "four matrixes", advocating the following concepts: "human effort is the decisive factor", "the products are like the moral quality".
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