Bluestar International Summer Camp Opens Across China

来源: Women of China

    Foreign and local children of employees of The China National Bluestar, a leading chemical industry company, joined the 25th Bluestar International Summer Camp at 22 camp sites across China. A press open day was held on July 30 in Beijing’s Shunyi District.

    A total of 950 children aged from 8 to 15, participated in environmental conservation themed camp activities.

    In addition to sightseeing, performances, and interest-oriented classes, the camp instructors will also teach the children about recycling, water saving and resource conservation.
Li Huili, the director of Camp Beijing told reporters that she had worked on the camp since 2007.

    "I started working for Bluestar in 1992 and I think this camp is a very meaningful activity for children," said Li.

    The Bluestar International Summer Camp has helped boost Sino-foreign culture exchanges over the last 24 years. In 2009, the summer camp was opened to other foreign companies.

    Each year, the camp site in Beijing invites 18 to 20 children from a poverty-stricken county in northwest China's Gansu Province to participate in the camp. The county is usually one that Bluestar has been helping.

    So far, Bluestar has invested 70 million yuan (U.S. $11.4 million) in the summer camp. About 10,000 children have joined in the camps.


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